Kathy Muhlethaler says, “Assessment for learning strategies are effective for providing information to students about how they are doing.

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Assessment By Outcome, By Student (Webinar Series, May 9th, 2017) – Mike Garrow and Alexandra Lambert

This session describes a high school’s journey in undergoing a paradigm shift from traditional assessment to successfully implementing a collaborative and outcome-based practice.

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Reassessing Our Assessments – Dave Martin

MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 6, 2016


This animation highlights the intent of formative and summative assessments, and outlines the components of Formative Assessment. Practical classroom strategies for providing feedback to students to support mastery of student outcomes are also included. (3min 22sec)

Assessment is the Foundation for Redesign ~ Aaron Stout, Jen Scott

MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 1, 2015

No percentage marks from Red Deer math teacher by Andrea Sands, Edmonton Journal

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No Percentage Marks From Red Deer Math Teacher

Redesigning School to Graduate Capable, Confident Learners

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Redesigning School to Graduate Capable, Confident Learners

Assessment in High School Redesign ~ Bill Bartlett, Rod Scott & Colleagues

Classroom Assessment & High School Redesign ~ Dale Skoreyko

Redesigning Assessment Reporting: Aligning Practices to Better Meet Student Needs ~ Patrick McLean & Spencer Pinnock

What Assessment Can and Can Not Do – by Dylan Wiliam

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