Home & Community Involvement

Home and community involvement forms a foundation where learning takes place not only at school but also in the home, in businesses, at post-secondary institutions and among other community facilities.

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Authentic, Immersive Learning Environments – “Building Futures in Cochrane & Airdrie” – Jason Ness & Glen Brooker

MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 1, 2015

It’s Never Too Late: Building Success Plans for Early Leavers – Joan Gauthier, Heather Innes, Tim Main

MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 1, 2015

Calgary Board of Education Unique Pathway Opportunities: Partnering For Student Success – Tennille Cooper & Don Middleton

MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 1, 2015

Student Disengagement: It’s Deeper Than You Think ~ Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski

American schools are failing to meet the expectations of a wide swath of students, many of them in low-income and rural communities. What’s needed is a new pact putting student expectations at its center.

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Adapt-Change… Then Do it Again! ~ Mark Barasaba & Bev Duperron

Community Involvement ~ Linda Beaudet & Jennifer Rimmer

Creating a Climate Condusive to Change ~ Myranda Shepherd

Does Your School Culture Support Redesign? ~ Shauna Boyce

Engaging in Change ~ Susan Poole

Cochrane High School Redesign

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Cochrane High School