Student-Centered Practices in High School


Sessions from the MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 5, 2017

Assessment: By Outcome, By Student – Mike Garrow and Alexandra Lambert

This session describes a High School’s journey in undergoing a paradigm shift from traditional assessment to successfully implementing a collaborative and outcome-based practice. Participants will leave the session with examples and ideas on how to implement an outcome-based program and school-wide systematic approaches that support high levels of learning for all students.

Collaborative Response Model – Kat Thon & Kaila Villiger

With diverse learning populations, schools need to change their structures and instructional approaches to better meet student needs.

Instructional Design – Dan McWilliams & Jason Ness

In this session, the 21st Century Learning Specialists from Rocky View Schools discuss a series of Design Thinking Protocols tailored for instructional design.

Trauma Informed Practice – Sue Bell & Sarah Kane Lees

In this session, Sue and Sarah discuss their journey in implementing Trauma Informed Practices in a large urban Redesign School. Strategies on how staff worked together to shift instructional approaches, curriculum and scheduling are presented.