Collaboration as Professional Learning

The Changing Role of Teacher Learning: Professional Development as a Platform for Improving Student Learning

Vincent Hunter and Christie Jensen
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 6, 2016

Creating a Collaborative Culture

Carol Koran and Marshall Cox, Shelley Kirkvold
Catholic Central High School
Lethbridge, AB
Grades 10-12, 760 Students, Phase 1

Essential to supporting the change in culture that is a part of High School Redesign, is the importance of providing opportunities for staff to achieve greater collaboration – to truly see themselves as a community of educators who support learning in all its forms. At Catholic Central, we have devoted time and resources to ensuring that staff has these opportunities to collaborate and celebrate during “team” attendance at conferences, to share expertise and support each other during our staff meeting/PD days, and to experiment and innovate with cross-curricular projects.

Do You Practice What You Teach? Looking at High School Redesign From Four Lenses [Keynote]

Joanne Polec
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 5, 2017

Is your teaching worthy? How often have you critically reflected on your practice? Are your students involved in this process of self-reflection? What role do your colleagues play in the reflection process? How has professional learning and research played a role in your approaches to teaching? Does this professional learning translate to the classroom? Joanne will endeavor to answer these questions by providing a framework for critical reflection, a more meaningful understanding of High School Redesign, and a deeper understanding of what collaborative efficacy and collective capacity building can look like.

Easing Into the 3 E’s

Tim Cusack, Vern Slipetz and Vince Bustamante

Imagine There’s No Carnegie Unit

The story of the initially reluctant math department illustrates how it, like all the other departments, reinvigorated the curriculum, pedagogy, and student and teacher engagement..

Put Me In, Coach! Using Instructional Coaching for Targeted Professional Development

Tom Wasylenko, Vince Bustamante and Nicole Lafreniere
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 6, 2016

Supporting Professional Learning: Empowering Staff Through Choice & Inclusion

Kenzie Rushton

Transform: Growing Teacher Leaders in High School Redesign

Vince Bustamante – Teacher, Louis St. Laurent – Edmonton Catholic Schools
Rhonda Nixon – Manager, Transform

In this talk, Rhonda will introduce Transform, Edmonton Catholic Schools’ professional learning framework that enables teachers to take on leadership by doing presentations and coaching on student-centred instruction focused on the principles of High School Redesign. Vince will share his experiences growing his own and others’ leadership in High School Redesign at his school and beyond.

What Can We Do About Teacher Resistance? ~ Jim Knight

If school leaders understand the nature of resistance, they can improve their relationships with teachers and increase teacher implementation of proven practices.

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