Essential Conditions/Process

Building Capacity Across Your System For High School Redesign

Leslie Owen and Josh Hill
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 1, 2015

Engaging in the Process of MFWHSR

Gregg McNeil and Shelly Cloke
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 6, 2016

A Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions

A Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions was developed by a provincial working group of education partners committed to realizing positive change in Alberta’s schools and classrooms. This guide offers guiding questions to support implementation planning.

High School Redesign for System Leaders

Jurisdictional presentation from Chris Smeaton and Kurt Sacher

How Facing Our Fears Can Be a Catalyst for Lasting Change

Josie Nagtegaal

Moving Forward with High School Redesign: A Guide to Support Implementation Essential Conditions

This guide outlines actions taken by several school administrators involved in the High School Flexibility Project.

The Role of the District in Supporting Schools

Lissa Steele – Associate Superintendent of Learning Services 
Chinook’s Edge School Division

Researchers who have examined the role of the district in instructional improvement have identified themes or principles associated with district policies, programs and practices that contribute to district success. In her talk, Lissa will describe the critical work, processes and structures established by the superintendency team in Chinook’s Edge School Division in supporting schools toward creating quality learning environments in their High School Redesign efforts.

Simon Sinek: Start With Why

Student Ownership of Education: Practicing Democracy in Schools

Jonathan Scott

To succeed, students need to do more than pay attention in class. They need to flourish. We cannot be satisfied with any less.

Tools to Support Implementation and Utilizing the “Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions”

The following tools have been developed to enhance the utilization of the Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions, to support district and school leaders with their implementation of Moving Forward with High School Redesign (MFWHSR), but can be adapted for other initiatives.

Additional Resource

Wish List: Piecing Together an Ideal School From the Ground Up

It all started as an effort to shine a spotlight on creative schools and teaching practices all over the country and became the inspiration for a new school…

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