Student Voice

10 Expectations Students Have of Their Schools

We hear often of the “high expectations” schools must have of and for their students, yet we seldom hear of the expectations students have of their schools. Students’ expectations constitute the new “rules of engagement” in the relationship that young people want with their school.

High School Redesign: A Student Perspective

Produced by Alberta students from Rocky View Schools, this video features the perspectives of high school students on what they’d like to see in High School redesign.

I Am Seventeen

Kate Simonds

Igniting Passion and Unlocking Potential

Cole Webber – Student, Grade 10, Lindsay Thurber High School
Red Deer Public Schools

What should the purpose of education be? In his talk, Cole will walk you through this simple question, and reveal how it is impacted by converging trends, like the growing power of the individual, and the increasing ability of our technology.

Informing Practice: Student Perspectives of MFWHSR

Student Voice has been a fundamental underpinning of transformation in Redesign schools. When students have an opportunity to be heard, their responses often surprise us – they are full of insight and wisdom. We had a chance to visit with a student in a MFWHSR school. Here is what she had to say.

Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement

Hear what these students had to say to their teacher about what engages them as learners.

Lead and Others Will Follow

Maria Zuluaga – Student, Grade 12, École secondaire Notre Dame High School
Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools

Where are our future leaders? In high school of course! Maria will share her high school leadership experiences and identify some of the ways she and her peers were empowered to get involved, lead and develop their leadership abilities.

The Learning Symposium: Community Engagement in Action

Tim Coninx and Jim Simpson
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 1, 2015

Student Disengagement: It’s Deeper Than You Think

Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski

American schools are failing to meet the expectations of a wide swath of students, many of them in low-income and rural communities. What’s needed is a new pact putting student expectations at its center.

A Vision of What Students Need

This video was conceived and written by a high school journalism class to share a student perspective about what they need from school.

What David Taught Chinook’s Edge: Sharing Our Story

Kurt Sacher
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 1, 2015

What Students Need

Tiffany Tse and Lisa Martell, Students, Hunting Hills High School
Red Deer Public Schools

In their talk, Tiffany and Lisa will explain how they have thrived in the current system, but highlight the fact that they may be the exception. They will provide suggestions for how education can change to meet the needs of all students.

Why High Schoolers Should Be in Charge: Sam Levin at TEDx Talks

  • Students creating their own alternative school, what a concept!
  • Student engagement, responsibility, empowerment and ownership at its best!
  • Students contributing to society, students being the stewards of the earth!
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