Community Learning/Collaborative Partnerships

Balancing Pedagogy and Structure

Trevor Mitchell
St Francis of Assisi School
Slave Lake, AB
Grades 7-12, 170 Students, Phase 1

How does a focus on pedagogical practices influence and transform school structures and program models for student learning?

Building Communities

Thirsk High School opened for students on September 3, 2013,” says Principal Chris Meaden. “The previous year, we hired 12 learning leaders and set up a high school redesign project. We hired the first teachers in March 2013 and are still hiring.

Creating Links with CTS Programming Through the Use of Community Resources

Scot Leys and Chris Burris
High Level Public School
High Level, AB
Grades 9-12, 500 Students, Phase 3

Relevant learning opportunities help students make connections beyond the classroom and in the community. Explore strategies for creating community connections for work experience and CTS programming, creating relevance and transitioning students to the next level through a school entrepreneurial model.

The Dual Credit Psychology Project

This video features the students, parents, teacher and professors involved in the Dual Credit Psychology program at Cochrane High School and the University of Calgary Department of Psychology, as they talk about the benefits of this innovative program.

The Moon, The Stars, The Comets and High School Design

Christine Meaden – Principal, Robert Thirsk High School
Calgary Board of Education

While the prelude to Robert Thirsk High School is not unique, it does highlight the importance of collaboration as we influence, together, the evolution of our high schools. Christine’s talk will describe the journey of a new school through High School ‘Design’ as they explore the possibilities.

Pods for Learning

At James Fowler High School,” states Principal Keith Johnson, “student drop-out rates were high, and students were saying that high school did not always interest and motivate them. We wanted students to stay in their classes and programs, and we felt that building a community of learners would encourage motivation, personalization, success and retention.”

Rocky Acres Farm:The Biggest Classroom of Them All”

Natalie Morris, Principal
Rocky Lane School, Fort Vermillion School Division

Today we are pleased to share this exciting integrated learning opportunity that is offered by a small K-12 school in the Fort Vermillion School Division. Rocky Lane has created relevance and engagement for all students by providing them with an experiential environment on a local farm developed through a grant through Alberta Agriculture.

Student and Staff Empowerment: As the means change, so do the ends

Trevor Mitchell – Principal, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy
Living Waters Catholic Schools

In his talk, Trevor will speak about the importance of empowering staff to seek solutions to take their school where it needs to go to fulfill its vision and the mandate of Inspiring Education. He will share the story of how his school has used the idea of curriculum to bring focus to their mission of having all students succeed. He will relate how High School Redesign is about changing thinking and involves deep conversations and goes well beyond changes to timetables or the creation of Flex blocks.

Teacher Collaborative Time

Four years ago, students at Spruce Grove Composite High School were increasingly disengaged. Teachers found that students either needed more time for mastery or they were forced to sit in classes, bored to tears. Teachers found that they themselves needed to improve and revise their practices, but even more fundamentally, that they needed to clarify and revise their ideas and images of what “student success” means. Teacher Collaborative Time is the result of an exploration of the meaning of student success undertaken by staff at Spruce Grove Composite High School.

Teacher Professional Planning Time

While teachers may attend professional development sessions and conferences, the reality is there is just not enough time to implement what is learned at a conference once teachers return to the school. Tammy Tchir, assistant principal of M.E. Lazerte High School in Edmonton, and her staff found that what was needed was regular, structured time for teachers to implement changes.

Teacher vs. Teaching

Joe Thibeau – Teacher and Student Service Coordinator
Wm. E. Hay Composite High School – Clearview School Division

Through personal experience, Joe will examine the link between the professional practice of “teaching” and the personal nature of “teacher” with a special focus on the importance and power of developing strong relationships.

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