Innovative Instructional Design

Building Student Skills: Brainstorming for Innovation and Design

Lynn Moore
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 1, 2015

Changing the Subject

Instructional Design

Dan McWilliams and Jason Ness
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 5, 2017

In this session, the 21st Century Learning Specialists from Rocky View Schools discuss a series of Design Thinking Protocols tailored for instructional design.

Lessons of Mastery Learning

Thomas R. Guskey

Mastery Learning

This animation highlights the premise of mastery learning: the belief that all students can learn if they are provided with the appropriate learning supportsStrategies to personalize learning assist students and help them work toward success. (2min 48sec)

Mastery Learning & Task Design

At James Fowler High School in Calgary, Principal Keith Johnson says, “Our data was telling us that not all students were engaged in their learning environments.” This led to the introduction of Mastery Learning and Task Design.

MFWHSR in 4 NE Calgary High Schools

Teresa Martin, Darrin Dyck, Thomas Dueck, Dr. Patrick Thalheimer
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 6, 2016

Moving Forward 1 Week at a Time

Jill Gaudet – Paddle Prairie School, Northland School Division 
Jennifer Nanooch – Kateri School, Northland School Division

This session will focus on how two schools have adapted school schedules and instructional practices to better meet the needs and desires of our FNMI students. Session will include the challenges that we have faced as well as the many success stories.

Moving Forward with Change

Susie Sirman – Teacher and Learning Coach, Archbishop O’Leary High School
Edmonton Catholic Schools

During her talk, Susie will tell the story of her high school’s efforts to effect lasting and meaningful change using a fresh new metaphor “how a neuron fires in the brain”. You will hear about their misfires, their recovery, and their attempts to move forward (and learn a little biology along the way).

Outside the Cube

Linda Driedger, Jackie Williamson
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 6, 2016

Project Week: St. Francis of Assisi Academy, Slave Lake, AB – Grades 7-12

This video illustrates one school’s approach to implementing a school wide Project Week from Grades 7-12.

Sal Kahn Explains Mastery Learning

Taking Your Classroom Global

Terry Godwalt – Teacher, Queen Elizabeth High School and Founder/Executive Director of The Centre for Global Education (CGE) – Edmonton Public Schools

Gone are the days when teachers were restricted to textbooks, videos and the internet. Through the use of modern conference technology, blended with social media tools, every teacher can connect every class in the world and the world to their classroom. From Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, Terry’s talk will explore how teachers can go beyond learning about and start learning alongside.

Task Design, Assessment and Project Based Learning at Robert Thirsk High School

Lori Gale, Natasha Heron, Amanda Huddleston and Gayleena Clark
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 1, 2015

When the Switch Turns On

Joanne Schoneck and Nora Weston-Stuart
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 6, 2016

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