Subject Specific

CAFÉ Math/Science

Connor Renshaw, Jon Shields, Michel Landry and Michelle Dupuis

Creating Relevant Learning Experiences Through Career and Technology Studies: “Bear Necessities Program”

Scot Lys, Principal
High Level Public School, Fort Vermillion School Division

High Level Public School, grades 7-12, is offering an amazing CTS experience for their studentsthat all started out with one engraving machine. A keen staff and highly engaged student body have turned this into a business that is serving the community.

How Do We Foster Learning and Engagement in a Blended English Environment?

Jacqui McHugh

The Journey of Our Math Department

Janine Klevgaard

Math Results: We Found a Solution!

Shannon Moore and Rabia El-Didi
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 1, 2015

Our Story: “Biolish 30”

Colleen Teske (Toews) and Stephen Womack
MFWHSR Collaborative Day, October 6, 2016

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